Close up and personal

This is a close up of three woven panels recently on exhibit I made from discarded tip shop tidbits.

The red ‘beads’ are cement plugs.
Whilst weaving these I was listening to ideas about how our Junk DNA is not junk- surprise! And thinking about our multidimensional identity. Only 3 % of our DNA is investigated by a majority of scientists the rest being “junk”. Right. I’ve just returned from a meditation retreat. It was very apparent that we are each other. I saw myself mirrored precisely in my fellow meditators. There is only one of us in the room. Could that be our multidimensional identity? One being many personas? The One? The All That Is? It was an incredibly fun week, joyful, blissful too. The Work of Byron Katie. Think Tao, Buddha, Jesus but you get to live it. No texts. Just waking up inside the dream. Wow.



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Ruth Howard

Mother,chef,textile artist,Design Technology teacher, VET and Secondary Education. I am currently teaching cooking to children in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. We cook what we grow!

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